NONSEnse Nordic network On Non-Specific Effects of vaccines and childhood morbidity Are we similar? Number of childhood infections treated at hospitals in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden In this study, we looked at the number of hospital contacts of children up to 14 years old in the Nordic countries that were related to infectious diseases. […]

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Childhood morbidity and potential non-specific effects of the childhood vaccination programmes in the Nordic countries Children in the Nordic Countries are offered many vaccines that protect against a wide variety of specific infectious diseases. Studies from low-income countries indicate that vaccines might also alter the resistance towards other diseases. The main aim of this project […]

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The project lead is Bandim Health Project, Research Unit Open, Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark Denmark Project leader: Christine Stabell Benn Scientific coordinator:Signe Sørup Other team members:Lise GehrtNils Skajaa Infectious Disease Epidemiology & Prevention, Statens Serum InstitutTeam member: Tyra Grove Krause Norway Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Modelling, Norwegian Institute of […]


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