Support Bandim Health Project

Bandim Health Project has no core funding or donations. Should you be interested in supporting the Bandim Health Project we would be very grateful.

A contribution can be received and administered by University of Southern Denmark. More information can be obtained by email to

You can support our research projects and research capacity building in Guinea-Bissau. Donations can come from private persons, businesses and fundraising events.

At Bandim Health Project we use donated money for essential purposes only, such as vaccines, medicine for treating sick children, and courses for local researchers.

How money is spent

  • Vaccines, injection equipment, vaccination cards
  • Essential drugs for treating sick children
  • Research Capacity Building: courses for local students (medicine, epidemiology)
  • Solar refrigerators for vaccine storage in Guinea-Bissau, at health centers and hospitals connected to Bandim Health Project
  • Water tanks and equipment for health centres

Tax deduction

If you decide to donate a gift to Bandim Health Project you can claim tax deduction within your taxable income in Denmark. To claim tax deduction the donation have to be a gift. A gift defines as a voluntary gift; that is, the giver does not ask for anything in exchange. In other words, giving a gift to Bandim Health Project does not involve a reciprocal relationship with the giver.

For further information on how to donate to Bandim Health Project and tax deduction, contact

Fundraising instead of traditional birthday party?

Instead of celebrating their double 50th birthday Anette and Torben Jakobsen from Northern Jutland decided to organize several activities to support Bandim Health Project and Guinea-Bissau.

Through sponsorships from local businesses, logistic support from LittleBigHelp and a lot of donators the couple raised nearly 125.000 Danish kroner.

They also organized transport to Guinea-Bissau of a second-hand firetruck filled with hospital equipment from their local hospital, toys and spare part for the truck.

The truck is still running in the streets of Bissau, the hospital equipment is used by health workers and research assistants and the money is spend on water tanks and solar refrigerators for vaccine storage. The toys in the truck is now in the SOS Childrens’ Villages in Guinea-Bissau where local kids benefit from it.

A fine second-hand firetruck has found its way from Northern Jutland in Denmark to BHP. Many thanks to Anette and Torben Jakobsen who made it possible.