Staff and affiliated researchers

Peter Aaby, DMSc
Founder. Involved in most things.
Professor, Head of Department
Christine Stabell Benn, MD, PhD, DMSc
Christines research focuses on epidemiological studies of health interventions and their effect on overall health in real life. We have observed that that vitamins and vaccines affect the immune system in much more general ways than previously thought. Vitamins and vaccines have so-called non-specific effects.
Carlos Cabral
National Administrator
Carlos Manuel Moreira Cabral
Overall Responsible for Local Staff and Day-to-Day Operations in Guinea-Bissau.
Ane Bærent Fisker, MD, PhD
Ane is responsible for overseeing the data collection of health and demographic surveillance data in urban and rural Guinea-Bissau. Based on this platform (and beyond), her research describes the real-life implementation of health programmes and seeks to evaluate their actual impact with the objective to improve future programmes.
Scientific coordinator, NONSEnse
Signe Sørup, MSc, PhD
Signe focuses on non-specific effects of vaccines in Denmark and other Nordic countries using nationwide registries. She is the scientific coordinator of the NordForsk funded project “Childhood morbidity and potential non-specific effects of the childhood vaccination programmes in the Nordic countries” described at
Postdoctoral researcher
Frederik Schaltz-Buchholzer, MD, PhD
Research year student 2012-13, PhD Fellow 2015-2020, Postdoc 2020-. Working with trials of different BCG strains to newborns, trials of BCG against COVID-19, BCG skin reactions and maternal priming effects on perinatal and infant mortality risk.
Isaquel B Silva, MD
Isaquel B Silva, MD
Isaquel is the principal investigator for the MAT-VAC study, and studies the specific and non-specific effects of measles and BCG vaccines effect on maternal and child health.
Kristian Holm Buch
Head of Finance
Kristian Holm Buch
Kristian has the overall responsibility for accounting and finance at BHP. Kristian oversees the day-to-day operation, bookkeeping, financial control, and assists with capacity building of the local administration. Danish citizen, permanently posted and resident in Guinea-Bissau since December 2015. Has since July 2020 been partially employed at the Department of Clinical Research / OPEN, University of Southern Denmark as an administrative employee with a permanent posting in Guinea-Bissau.
PhD Student, Statistician
Sebastain Nielsen, MSc
Sebastian investigates the impact of Oral Polio Vaccine campaigns on child health and the recent marked decline in low- and middle-income countries. Sebastian is also part of several randomised controlled trial, including an EDCTP-funded multi-centre trial with collaborators from Portugal, Cape Verde and Mozambique.
Lise Gehrt
PhD Student
Lise Gehrt, MSc Global Health
PhD Student using Nordic register data to investigate childhood morbidity patterns and non-specific effects of MMR vaccination among children in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden
PhD student
Line Møller Pedersen, MSc Global Health
Line is working on a range of trials in Guinea-Bissau and is studying the real-life effects of live and inactivated polio vaccines
Anders S. Bohlbro
Pregraduate Researcher
Anders Solitander Bohlbro, BSc
Anders is a pregraduate researcher focusing on clinical and epidemiologic tuberculosis research. Based in Bissau in 2020-2021 and currently working from Aarhus, Denmark.
Andreas MJ
PhD Student
Andreas M Jensen, MSc
Andreas studies the precision of mortality estimates in low-income countries with limited coverage of vital registration systems.
PhD Student
Sabine Margarete Damerow, Graduate of Business Sciences, MSc Global Health
Sabine's current work focusses on how health system strengthening initiatives affect access to essential maternal and child health services in rural Guinea-Bissau.
PhD student
Julie Odgaard Vedel, MD
Julie evaluates BCG coverage at 1 month and BCG-scarring at 6 months as alternative performance indicators for the BCG vaccination programme. She does this by describing and investigating the effects of delayed BCG vaccination on early infant mortality and morbidity as well as the importance of correct intradermal vaccination technique on developing scars. Julie co-manages a randomised trial at 23 health centres in rural Guinea-Bissau and supervises data collection at the urban health centres.
Anne Marie Rosendahl Madsen
PhD student
Anne Marie Rosendahl Madsen, MD
PhD project title: "The effect of BCG vaccine and probiotics on the immune system and general health in the elderly, including the response to seasonal influenza vaccination". Primary investigator on the BCG-DENMARK-COVID study. Qualified as a medical doctor in 2008 and specialized in Clinical Microbiology in 2019. Main interests are infections and their prevention and treatment.
Student Assistant
Arthur Diness
Arthur helps with communication and general administrative procedures. He is also the website administrator.

Affiliated researchers

Morten Bjerregaard
Medical doctor, PhD
Currently working at Dept. of Endocrinology, Odense University Hospital, Denmark
Phone: +45 28112956
E-Mail: mban@dadlnet.dkResearch areas: epidemiology, diabetes, perinatal medicine, twins, health services

Marianne Skytte Jakobsen
Medical doctor, PhD
Consultant in Pediatrics
Specialist in pediatric gastroenterology
Associate professor in pediatrics
Phone: + 45 51 22 84 77

Research areas: Breastfeeding, infant feeding practices, infant and child mortality, neonatal care
Work: Department of Pediatrics, Odense University hospital and Faculty of medicine, University of Southern Denmark

Kristoffer Jarlov Jensen

Victor Francisco Gomes
Medical doctor, PhD
Senior TB consultant

Research areas: Tuberculosis, polio, global Health

Sanne Jespersen
Medical doctor, PhD
Currently working at Aarhus University Hospital

Research areas: Epidemiological, immunological, and clinical studies among patients enrolled in the Bissau HIV Cohort. Especially how international research collaborations can help improve the effectiveness of HIV treatment in low-income countries.

Poul-Erik Kofoed
Medical doctor
Professor in Paediatrics, The Institute of Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark
Senior Consultant in Paediatrics, Department of Paediatrics, Kolding Hospital

Research areas: children’s diseases, BCG vaccine, paediatric infectious diseases, diabetes, malaria

Frauke Rudolf
Medical doctor, PhD
Currently working at Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre
Post Doc at Aarhus University, Center of Global Health
E-Mail: areas: epidemiological and clinical studies among patients enrolled in the Bissay TB Cohort. Building the Bandim TB suspects Cohort. Especially how a clinical score (The Bandim TBscore) can improve case-finding and what characterizes a patient suspected of tuberculosis.

Lilica Hulilê Sanca

Research areas: Tuberculosis, polio, global Health

Morten Sodemann
Medical doctor, PhD
Professor in Global and Migrant Health, The Migrant Health Clinic at Odense University Hospital
Senior Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Institute of Clinical Research, Infectious Diseases, University of Southern Denmark
Phone: + 45 51 22 84 76

Research areas: Health systems research, child mortality, care seeking behavior, verbal autopsy, malaria, HIV, perinatal health, diarrheal diseases, migrant health. Morten Sodemann has research experience from Guinea-Bissau, Tanzania and Uganda in child health, longitudinal health surveys, health systems research, Management of HIV and tuberculosis, treatment of malaria and diarrhea and social verbal autopsies

Sanne Marie Thysen

Medical doctor, PhD

Postdoc at Center for Clinical Research and Prevention, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, Denmark


Research areas: BCG vaccine, vaccines, child mortality, global health, vitamin K

Christian Wejse
Medical doctor, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University
Senior registar, Department of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby
Phone: + 45 86 10 68 25/51 94 45 19

Research areas: Tuberculosis, HIV, pneumonia, global health