Here you can find answers to some of our most frequently asked question.  See our YouTube channel for more information. What are non specific effects? Vaccines have three types of effects: the well-known protective effect against the vaccine disease organism, the rare side effects, and non-specific effects. The most recent of these to be discovered […]

Student in Bissau

You can read reports from some of our previous research year students here: Ane (Danish) Grethe (English) Dorthe (Danish) Mia (Danish) Sophus (Danish) Anneline and Tina (Danish) Dorthe, Morten and Ane (Danish) Niels (Danish)

Forskningsårsstuderende søges til Bandim Health Project i Guinea-Bissau, Vestafrika

Har du mod på at forske et år i et af Afrikas fattigste lande? Vi tilbyder et spændende forskningsår med gode muligheder for at få kendskab til forskning og få et eventyr for livet. Vi kan tilbyde Et forskningsår på et dansk forskningsprojekt i Guinea-Bissau, Vestafrika (Bandim Health Project). Vi søger løbende nye forskningsårsstuderende, da […]

Journal articles

Bandim Health Project has published more than 1000 journal articles. Full list available here. Below an overview of some of the most recent publications. Immediate Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccination to neonates requiring perinatal treatment at the maternity ward in Guinea-Bissau: A randomized controlled trial Author(s): Frederik Schaltz-Buchholzer, Peter Aaby, Ivan Monteiro, Luis Camala, Simone Faurholt Simonsen, […]

From basic research to policy

Our main motivation is to reduce inequality in health. We see the gross global differences in mortality as the great moral problem of our times – in line with slavery in the 18th-19th century, hopefully something we will soon look back at with the same disbelief. Our studies are directed towards identifying the major causes […]

Be curious. Test the assumptions. Pursue the things that do not fit

Our research method can be described as a reiterative research process as illustrated in the figure: What kicks off are observations, which contradict current assumptions (paradigms). As an example, the current paradigm for vaccines states that vaccines only have specific effects. We observed that this paradigm was contradicted, as some vaccines had much stronger or […]

Non-specific effects of vaccines: A layman introduction

Curious about non-specific effects of vaccines? – here are some quick guides: • TEDx about non-specific effects of vaccines – and what we should talk about when we talk about vaccines – watch video • A summary of the main principles – read article • Scientific American article featuring our research – read article And: […]

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