PhD Dissertations

Here is a list of PhD dissertations written by Bandim Health Projects researchers in the period 1994 – 2023 Møller Nanque, Line 2023 Evaluating the effects of polio vaccines on general child health in Guinea-Bissau Bandim Health Project, University of Southern Denmark. Damerow, Sabine 2023 Health systems strengthening for maternal and child health: Real-life effects […]

Doctoral Dissertations

Christine Stabell Benn.2011. Combining vitamin A and vaccines. Convenience or conflict? University of Copenhagen, DMsc thesis. The present thesis is based on 11 papers from 1995-2010. The studies have mainly taken place at the Bandim Health Project in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, but a reanalysis of a randomised trial from Ghana is also included. My research […]

Bandim books

Bandim Health Project have published three books in the last 40 years with “Forty years of contradicting conventional wisdom 1978 – 2018” being the latest. PDFs of the books are available here.  Forty years of contradicting conventional wisdom 1978 – 2018(published on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the project) Improving Child Survival 2003-2008(published […]


Bandim Health Project has published numerous journal articles, dissertations and books over the >40 years. In the menu there is a tab for each publication category. Here is the full publications list. Below, a a couple of key articles.    Key articles Benn CS, Fisker AB, Rieckmann A, Sørup S, Aaby P. Vaccinology: time to change […]

Access to ERC funded data

The European Research Council has funded several randomised trials in Guinea-Bissau through an ERC starting grant to Christine Stabell Benn (ERC StG2009 – 243149 CHILIC). The data is/will be stored at the Danish National Archive; contact information. Permission to use analyse the data can be obtained by contacting the Danish National Archive, and provided ethical permission can be […]

Data sharing

The Bandim Health Project supports and encourages data sharing. Below you find our document on data sharing agreement. Agreement-on-data-sharing.pdf

Vitamin A supplementation

Proposed analysis plan for neonatal vitamin A supplementation studies. Neonatal vitamin A analysis

Letters to SAGE

Aaby P, Benn CS. WHO-Letter I: Non-specific beneficial effects of oral polio vaccine (OPV) – September-8-2015Click here to read SAGE Letter-I. Aaby P, Benn CS. WHO-Letter II: RTS,S malaria vaccine and child mortality – October-10-2015Click here to read SAGE Letter-II. Aaby P, Benn CS. WHO-Letter III: RTS,S malaria vaccine and potential sex-differential effects – October-26-2015Click here to read […]

Non-specific effects of vaccines

Research done at the Bandim Health Project indicates that vaccines not only protect against the target disease, but also modulate the immune system of children in more general ways. They have so-called “non-specific effects”. The live attenuated vaccines, measles vaccine, oral polio vaccine, smallpox vaccine and BCG vaccine, seem to confer more general protection against […]