From basic research to policy

Our main motivation is to reduce inequality in health. We see the gross global differences in mortality as the great moral problem of our times – in line with slavery in the 18th-19th century, hopefully something we will soon look back at with the same disbelief. Our studies are directed towards identifying the major causes of morbidity and mortality and the health interventions that most efficiently can reduce mortality and morbidity. 

Our research ahs led to the following policy consequences:

  • High-titre measles vaccine was stopped globally after we showed that it was associated with 2-fold increased female mortality – had it not been stopped it would have led to ~500.000 excess female deaths annually. 
  • BCG is now given to children with low birth weight after we showed…. 
  • Vitamin A is not given to neonates after we showed… 

We regularly summarise our findings to WHO’s committee on vaccines (SAGE), with the aim that these findings can be translated into policy. Here is a list of our letters….