Exciting job position at Boston Children's Hospital / Harvard Medical School

Dr. Ofer Levy is looking for at bright new collegue to The Precision Vaccines Program

The Levy Laboratory is the focal point of the Precision Vaccines Program at Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Due to distinct immunity, life-threatening infections most often occur at the extremes of life motivating development of improved vaccines that are safe and effective in the young and old. The Precision Vaccines Program is a platform for international collaboration employing cutting edge technologies to understand age- and sex-specific features of immune responses to inform development of vaccines tailored for optimal safety and immunogenicity towards distinct populations. We seek a skilled and motivated post-doctoral scientist with background in Immunology (experience in T and B lymphocyte studies a plus), and/or Vaccinology to lead a project on development of novel adjuvanted vaccines. We are funded by NIH/NIAID via an Adjuvant Discovery Program contract, a UO1 grant on adjuvant synergy and a U19 Human Immunology Project Consortium (HIPC) award to study systems vaccinology. Studies will employ in vitro modeling of human newborn, adult and elderly antigen-presenting cells, T and B lymphocytes, adjuvant formulation as well as in vivo animal and human studies and big data “OMIC” technologies, to identify and develop adjuvants that enhance immune responses of those at the extremes of age. Our laboratory is dynamic, international, supportive and productive. We offer excellent opportunities for publication, attendance at scientific meetings, and career advancement with graduates of the lab holding prominent positions in academia and industry. The candidate should have obtained their PhD within the last 1-3 years. Interested applicants should e-mail their CV and arrange to have 3 statements of reference e-mailed to: ofer.levy@childrens.harvard.edu.