BCG Strain - important milestone reached

On March 5, the Bandim Health Project reached a milestone in our efforts to reduce neonatal and infant morbidity and mortality.

At the STRAIN studies at the Maternity Ward of Hospital National Simão Mendes, we are evaluating which of the WHO recommended BCG vaccines might lower mortality and morbidity the most.


The studies were commenced in December 2014 and has run uninterrupted since then, with our dedicated and hard-working assistants running the trial 365 days a year. 

In that context, we reached inclusion number 15000 on March 5. The mother, Cristina, 39, was happy to have given birth to our 15000th inclusion, a boy weighing 2.650 grams randomised to receive BCG from Japan. Cristina informed that this is her 7th child.


Congratulations to Cristina and to the hard-working team at the Maternity ward for this accomplishment!"