The first child was enrolled in the new BCG rural study on November 7

The BCG rural study will study the effect of BCG and OPV on early infant mortality and morbidity. All children will receive a home visit by a study nurse shortly after birth.

Children are randomized according to their location, in some villages children will receive early BCG and oral polio vaccine given at the home visits. In other villages, the children will receive home visits without vaccinations, and will be offered the vaccines at later follow-up visits. The study will include both normal- and low-birth-weight children.

In all villages followed by the mobile teams in a rural region, Biombo, we have selected local community key informants, who are registering pregnancies and births. The community key informant calls the Bandim Health Project when a child is born. A nurse from a nearby rural health centre is then sent to the village to conduct the early home visits.