CVIVA and Bandim in the media with new results on MMR-vaccine

New research results by CVIVA and Bandim Health Project showing that MMR-vaccine has beneficial non-specific effects besides protecting against measles, mumps and rubella have been published by JAMA.


Signe Sørup, PhD, and her colleagues have found that timely vaccination with MMR-vaccine protects Danish children against other infections than measles, mumps and rubella. Children vaccinated with MMR are less hospitalized with infections compared with children who have not yet received the MMR-vaccine. The results indicate that more than 150 Danish children each year could avoid hospitalization with infections if they received MMR-vaccine on time.

The JAMA paper has received a lot of attention in both Danish and foreign media. The results have among others been covered by Berlingske, TV-Avisen (DR 1), DR2 Morgen and Danish Radio (P4).  

There is accumulating evidence that vaccines have non-specific effects in low-income countries. The new study shows that this may also be the case in high-income countries.