Research Year Student – the Basics

Running deadline – you may send us an unsolicited application

Basic criteria for becoming a research student affiliated to the Bandim Health Project

You study

medicine, public health, biotechnology, human biology or any Masters programme focussed on health
You have

a bachelors degree – or equivalent level of education – in above mentioned fields
an interest in International Health
a wish to join the field of research how to improve health conditions in Africa
travelled in one or more low income countries
courage to live one year in one of the poorest countries in Africa, Guinea-Bissau
ambitions about writing scientific articles in English
the will to make a difference
humour, talent for languages, your feet on the ground, and a warm heart
Minimum length
One year (research year students). Shorter stays not an option (e.g. 3, 6 or 9 months)
Bandim Health Project DOES NOT fund its students directly. However, we will assist in applying for salary and research/travel expenses. Yet, we expect the student to take a leading role in fund raising.

We may offer

A research year at Bandim Health Project
Students join different projects, in particular in relation to child vaccination, vitamin A supplementation, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and much more. You will collaborate with one or more students, PhD researchers or senior researchers from Guinea-Bissau and Denmark in a very active, demanding, and challenging research environment. In general, our students publish at least one article after their research year.

Any nationality
If you are interested, then send us an application, along with the most recent transcript from your university and your CV (including information about previous stays in low-income countries and language skills) to our Project Coordinator:

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