Work Packages

CVIVA will pursue the research activities which are most promising in terms of reducing child mortality and contributing to the proposed shift in paradigm.

A broad range of activities are planned, organized in 9 work packages (WPs):

Research activity Work Package(s)
Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) WP1-3
Cost-effectiveness studies WP4
Observational studies WP5-7
Immunological studies WP8-9

Work Packages
WP1 An RCT of an additional measles vaccine (MV) at 4 months of age to reduce child mortality and to explore the role of maternal measles antibodies (MatAb) in the beneficial non-specific effects (NSEs) of MV
WP2 A cluster RCT to determine the effect on overall mortality of providing MV to children after 1 year of age
WP3 An RCT of BCG at birth and childhood morbidity in Danish children
WP4 Assessing cost-effectiveness of different health intervention schedules taking NSEs into account
WP5 Observational studies of health interventions in Guinea-Bissau and other low-income settings
WP6 Observational vaccine studies in Denmark
WP7 Development of statistical methods for observational studies
WP8 Immunological studies based on RCTs in Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia and Denmark
WP9 Immunological studies in animal models