Letters to WHO SAGE

Aaby P, Benn CS. WHO-Letter I: Non-specific beneficial effects of oral polio vaccine (OPV) – September-8-2015

SAGE-Letter-I-The Strategic Advisory Group of Expert of Immunization-Non-specific effects of OPV-September 2015 (3)

Aaby P, Benn CS. WHO-Letter II: RTS,S malaria vaccine and child mortality – October-10-2015

SAGE-Letter-II-RTSS and child mortality-October-10-2015

Aaby P, Benn CS. WHO-Letter III: RTS,S malaria vaccine and potential sex-differential effects – October-26-2015

SAGE-Letter-III-malaria-26-October-2015 (3)

Aaby P, Benn CS. WHO-Letter IV: RTS,S malaria vaccine: Non-live vaccines are associated with increased female mortality – March-6-2016


Aaby P, Benn CS. WHO-Letter V: The SAGE review of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine: Follow-up on the potential deleterious non-specific and sex-differential effects of DTP – april-7-2016

SAGE-Letter-V-DTP studies-07042016-final

Benn CS, Fisker AB, Aaby P. SAGE-VI-Non-specific benificial effects of OPV-18-04-2017

SAGE-Letter-VI-Non-specific beneficial effects of OPV-18-4-2017

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