Co-administration of BCG and Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) Vaccinations May Reduce Infant Mortality More Than the WHO-schedule of BCG First and Then DTP

A Re-analysis of Demographic Surveillance Data From Rural Banglade Article reference: EBIOM1132 Journal title: EBioMedicine Corresponding author: Dr. Peter Aaby First author: Dr. Peter Aaby Final version published online: 09-Aug-2017 Full bibliographic details: EBioMedicine 22C (2017) pp. 173-180 DOI information: 10.1016/j.ebiom.2017.07.012 Dear Dr. Aaby, We are pleased to inform you that the final version of your article with full bibliographic details is now available online.

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Effect of early measles vaccine on pneumococcal colonization

5 July 2017

Measles vaccine (MV) may have non-specific beneficial effects for child health and particularly seems to prevent respiratory infections. Streptococcus pneumoniae is the leading cause of bacterial pneumonia among children worldwide, and nasopharyngeal colonization precedes infection.

Analysis of risk factors for infant mortality in the birth cohorts in rural Guinea-Bissau

5 July 2017

Though still high, the infant mortality rate in Guinea-Bissau has declined. We aimed to identify risk factors including vaccination coverage, for infant mortality in the rural population of Guinea-Bissau and assess whether these risk factors changed from 1992-3 to 2002-3.

Cost-effectiveness of providing measles vaccination to all children in Guinea-Bissau

5 July 2017

Measles vaccination is associated with major reductions in child mortality and morbidity. In Guinea-Bissau, to limit vaccine wastage, children are only measles vaccinated if at least six children aged 9-11 months are present at a vaccination session.

Booster doses of measles vaccine associated with lower rates of hospital admission

5 July 2017

Within a randomised trial of measles vaccine (MV) at 4½ and 9 months versus at 9 months only, boosting with MV reduced the risk of hospital admissions between 9-18 months among children who had not received vitamin A at birth

Twin studies

19 June 2017

Twin commentary in Lancet Global Health

Malaria vaccine - pilot test

28 April 2017

Opinions Divide as Pilot Tests of Malaria Vaccine Loom

Peter Aaby is quoted in Financial Times.

UNICEF supports HIV studies in Bissau

26 April 2017

UNICEF Money to HIV studies in Bissau 

INDEPTH workshop

19 April 2017

ENAP metrics workshop held in Dhaka


17 March 2017


Antropolog fandt ud af, hvorfor vaccinationer redder så mange

2 February 2017

Der skulle en dansk antropolog, Peter Aaby, til, for at man opdagede, at nogle vaccinationer beskytter mod meget mere end det, der vaccineres imod.