Bandim Health Project receives considerable funding to detect tuberculosis in Africa using the Bandim TBscore

Christian Wejse has conducted major research on tuberculosis at the Bandim Health Project in Guinea Bissau for several years. He has developed the Bandim TBscore – a simple tool that can describe disease severity in tuberculosis patients and may also help doctors determine who should be screened for TB.

The ClinPOC-TB project and  have now been granted 845.000 DKR from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to conduct further research on how and whether the score can help to ensure that more people get a TB diagnosis and receive proper treatment.
Christian Wejse is Associate Professor of Global Health at the Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, where he studies how global health can be promoted using simple means. He is also a specialist in infectious diseases and is employed at Department of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital.

“We have developed a method to find those most severely affected, and this may be used in health systems with few resources. We believe that with this simple tool we can help to find several of the more than 3 million people each year who have TB without ever getting the diagnosis and treatment that can cure them.
Christian Wejse

Christian Wejse arbejder på Bandim TBscore i Bissau

Christian Wejse in Guinea Bissau

His objective is to ensure that more patients are investigated for the relevant symptoms and sent to laboratory examination.
"This research will hopefully help us to provide a tuberculosis diagnosis for more patients – and may also help to show better ways of how tuberculosis generally could be handled in resource-poor areas with limited access to diagnostics," says Christian Wejse.
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