CVIVA Day 20 December 2012

CVIVA day 20 December 2012
Members of the CVIVA Group came together to evaluate CVIVA activities late 2012 and to exchange ideas with the Bandim Group

Calmette study group
Status on the Calmette Study 2012-2015

  • Status from Hvidovre Hospital
  • Status from Rigshospitalet
  • Status from Kolding Sygehus
Lone Graff Stensballe and the five Calmette PhD students 
  • Presentation of the PhD projects
  • Focus on challenges
  • Input from the audience
Peter Aaby
  • Hvad er lige det der med uspecifikke og kønsdifferentielle effekter af vacciner – apropos WHO’s kommende review af de uspecifikke effekter
  • What is this about non-specific and sex differential effects of vaccines  keeping in mind the upcoming WHO review of non-specific effects

Ane Fisker and Sofie Biering-Sørensen

  • Vaccinestudier i Guinea-Bissau
  • Vaccine studies in Guinea-Bissau

Signe Sørup

  • Nogle foreløbige resultater på de danske vaccinedata
  • Preliminary results from the Danish vaccine data
Andreas Andersen
  • Noget jordnært og praktisk om statistisk analyse af kontinuerte variable med skæve fordelinger og non-detectables
  • Down-to-earth and practical aspects of statistical analyses of continuous variables with skewed distributions and non-detectables
Roundtable discussion
  • Input from senior researchers: How do you network with other researchers?

Last revised 20 December 2012