Inauguration of the new offices

24 March 2009

Inauguration of the new offices

The Bandim Health Project (BHP) has built two new office buildings, a total of more than 700 m2, which will be housing the more than 150 employees. The first building was constructed with support from the Danish National Research Foundation, the latter with support from The Novo Nordisk Foundation.

The new building was inaugurated by the Vice Minister of Health in Guinea-Bissau, Augusto Paulo da Silva, on the March 21, 2009. In his speech the Vice Minister emphasised the importance of BHP for health research in Guinea-Bissau in general, and for the new National Institute of Health in particular. The Director of the Statens Serum Institute, Nils Strandberg Pedersen, was present as well, in his speech underscoring the long-term involvement of the BHP in Guinea-Bissau and expressing his hope for its sustainability. The formal inauguration was followed by a large party for all employees as well as the invited guests. Below is a picture from the inauguration taken by Linda Hornshøj.

New offices at BHP

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