Generator fire at the national laboratory in Bissau

28 April 2008

Generator fire at the national laboratory in Bissau

At the end of January 2008 there was an explosion and a subsequent fire at the national laboratory in Bissau, LNSP. The 3 functional generators smelted down, which left the laboratory without electricity. The reason is still unknown. All freezers with blood samples were immediately moved to other places in order to avoid defrosting. The staff at the Bandim Health Project succeeded in buying one small generator in Bissau, which now makes the laboratory run so all the basic and necessary cellular work and analyses can be done.

The Bandim Health Project has bought one 25 KVA generator for the laboratory. It is on its way from Denmark to Bissau in a container, and will be able to contribute to a more stabile and reliable electricity supply at the national laboratory.

Last revised 28 April 2008

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